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God sees, hears and understand our tears

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Jesus can't come soon enough for me. I'm ready!

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Redesigned for Truth and Possibilities

"Don't feed me truth that will destroy my illusions"

WHY?   WHAT?   WHERE?    WHEN?    HOW?

This website was dedicated initially mostly to Ghosts and the paranormal, but now after much research, during my retirement years, I have found that "Ghosts" are actually Demons masquerading as departed spirits of those who have died physically.
Site 1)Click here for More on Ghosts and Psychics

Site 2)To see Biblical Answers to Questions on Ghosts, Demons & the Dead *CLICK* HERE!

During my research I have learned so much more and discovered that I may have been lied to and I have been mistaught and/or misdirected, (like you) in so many truths. I now dedicated this GhostFind website to sharing what I have found so you too can be enlighten to what may be the real truth or at least a possibility that those truly in power with conditioned society do NOT want you to know or accept.

Below are some links to videos I have found interesting, sometimes surprising, mind-blowing and educational.


These videos can make you angry, distrusting, or even make some of you laugh. I only ask to watch with an open mind to the possibility that it may be very well TRUE. If not, at least learn where these people are coming from and why they believe the way they do. I personally do NOT believe all that is linked here, but the links do cause a person to rethink some things.

Click here, 2+2=5 It shows how you were conditioned to believe what is taught even though it is false

NASA (Military controlled) LIES!
Is this mockery using a serpent's tongue in their logo?


Flat Earth plus Moon and Mars Nasa Bloopers

Moon Landing is a Hoax?

1965 Space Walk Faked Nasa busted again!

Moon Landing Scientifically Impossible

Events on 9-11 and World Trade Center

911 WTC Hard Evidence

False Flags and other Government Conspiracies

Gov Whistleblower Secrets and Shadow Government

Are we being lied to? Are we spoon fed information from our governments and we are just suppose to accept it as truth? The only way to find the truth is to INVESTIGATE for ourselves and from many resources. If we are lied to on these few sample subjects, you can only wonder what else is not true. I don't know what to believe anymore. I at least am open to hearing other ideas on the subject and keeping an open mind. (Just hope it is not open enough where my brains fall out) So be educated or entertained, Write me and let me know what you think. It's ok, you can even tell me I am dim witted and stupid to even think there are other possibilities.

This is just a sample
More to come this is just a start!

click here for video

Important question for you: Do you have a personal relationship with the one who has died for you? Do you recognize that baby Jesus was a gift given to you? Let's say, If tomorrow, at 7:32 AM you suddenly died, would you be in Heaven or you don't really know? Also there are many "Christian Atheists" out there. They believe there is a God, but live like there is no God. If you are not sure you would go to Heaven, please write me or watch this video. click here for video

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