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* GhostFind does NOT charge any fees to do a paranormal investigation. GhostFind is a new paranormal investigational group available for residents in the St. Louis and Metro East area who have been experiencing unexplained activity or events in their home or on their property.

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Tim - Lead Investigator and founder of GhostFind

Kolby - Parnaormal Investigations and Security

Jim - Paranormal Investigator / Photographer

Todd - Newbie Investigator

Some of the Paranormal Investigation Equipment We Use:

   Night Vision Digital Video Camera
   Digital Still Camera
   Digital Audio Recorders
   Parabolic Microphone
   K-II Meter
   Digital EMF Field Tester/Detector
   Audible EMF Detectors
   GhostBox (White Noise Radio)
   Ovilus (Instrumental Trans Communications Device)
   Laser Thermometers
   Motion Detectors and Alarms
   Audio & Photo Enhancing Software
   Two-Way Walkie Talkie Radios
   P-SB7 ITC Research Device Radio
   InfraRed Xtreme Digital Video Camera
   Mini IR DVR Cameras

Some of the equipment we use in our investigations

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What exactly is ectoplasm?
Tanya R., Linden, TN

Ectoplasm is a controversial subject even today. In the past, spirit mediums made it up beforehand and then produced it during their seances to convience the audience a spirit was present. It is said to be evidence left by paranormal spirit ativity. Sometimes it can not be seen until viewed on film. Sometimes it is present and experienced during recent paranormal activity as a greezy substance mixed in with a cloth like material with a slight musty odor. It has been reported to be slightly warm or even cold. Sometimes it appears as mucus like, other times it is like milky vaporous streaks. Some believe it is found when enities try to mannifest themselves. It seems to vanish in a short period of time.

Are there specific signs to look for if you believe your house is haunted?
Bob T., Frontenac, MO

Hope this helps, be sure to give me a call if you have more questions. Click here for: Signs you may be haunted and tips

Can ghosts hurt you?
Carol G. of St Louis, MO

Great question! The short answer is, Yes, it is possible. Since ghost can be disembodied spirits of people trapped within our own plane they can tap into energy and move objects that could harm you or even make their presence known by scratching or pushing you. Sometimes their presence can make you feel drained of energy or even sick. Fortunately most ghost do not hurt you, but they do want to communicate with the living it seems with less dramatic events. An evil entity or demon seems to have more abilities and thus more likely to cause harm.

What are Ghost made of??
Squelchdown (nick on YouTube)

Ghosts are sprits of people whom have died. Although several theorys are out there on what ghost are exactly made up of; such as ectoplasm, a type of light, electromagnetic imprints, I would have to say, I believe they are made up of energy. This energy has the ability of metamorphosis and change into other forms.

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